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All I want for Christmas is Star Trek 🖖🏻

Every Halloween I want to dress as a TOS nurse. Every year I get busy, do not have time to make my own costume and get mad that none are in my size. This year I found one... online... on Halloween night. This actually is available in a real XX-Large size! Okay, so that does… Continue reading All I want for Christmas is Star Trek 🖖🏻

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Participated in #StarTrekQuoteChallenge

Let me just preemptively say that the Star Trek Twitter community is amazing! I've interacted with many a scientist community on that platform, and so far Trekkers and Trekkies feel the least toxic and most welcoming. I came home early from work yesterday to the power being out. I had some connectivity through weak cell… Continue reading Participated in #StarTrekQuoteChallenge

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Doctor-Lite Sunday

There are episodes in the Doctor Whoniverse called "Doctor Lite." They're episodes that feature little to no Doctor as the protagonist and/or are only tangentially related to the Doctor. Some of the most famous are Blink, which is the first weeping angels episode and my favorite, but much reviled, Love and Monsters. There are plenty… Continue reading Doctor-Lite Sunday