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Doctor-Lite Sunday

There are episodes in the Doctor Whoniverse called "Doctor Lite." They're episodes that feature little to no Doctor as the protagonist and/or are only tangentially related to the Doctor. Some of the most famous are Blink, which is the first weeping angels episode and my favorite, but much reviled, Love and Monsters. There are plenty… Continue reading Doctor-Lite Sunday

Classic Who

You can’t handle the… knife! (Episode 4)

The Doctor pulls A Few Good Men on Cal (would be leader of the tribe,) proving who really killed a tribal elder. This was after Ian and Barbara saved Za from death. So of course the tribe is grateful... just kidding! Our main characters are back into the cave! However, this episode focuses on the… Continue reading You can’t handle the… knife! (Episode 4)

Classic Who

“It’s not your fault, Grandfather.” (Episode 3)

The classic Doctor doesn't apologize quickly... except for at the end of episode 2 and beginning of episode 3 where he apologizes for them being captured by a nomadic tribe a hundred thousand years in the past. Susan then gives the most inane response ever, "It's not your fault, Grandfather." Except... it was! Barbara and… Continue reading “It’s not your fault, Grandfather.” (Episode 3)

Classic Who

“That’s not his name… #DoctorWho?” (Episode 2)

Barbara and Ian have been kidnapped by The Doctor because the latter is afraid the former will tell on them to tabloids and drive them from their home. So his solution is to... leave their home. They travel back in time to when men roamed as nomadic peoples. It gets Ian and Barbara to believe… Continue reading “That’s not his name… #DoctorWho?” (Episode 2)

Classic Who

Happy #DoctorWhoDay: Let’s start at the very beginning (Episode 1)

A racist alien ("Red Indian "comment coupled with a distain for modern man,) locks you in his "house," electrocutes you and then kidnaps you. What do you do?This is what happens to Ian Chesterton after agreeing to escort Barbara Wright on a home visit because their mysterious student is... inconsistent on the quality of their… Continue reading Happy #DoctorWhoDay: Let’s start at the very beginning (Episode 1)