Why get a daily dose of Doctor Who?

This blog is a personal challenge.

I realized several years ago that my changing ideas and attitudes toward humans, government and life owed a lot to binge watching Doctor Who. Some might see it as pathetic to put so much stake in to a fictional television show, designed to entertain and make money. However, I recognized that it was helping me to become more empathetic, caring and desiring to see justice in the world.  It wasn’t the only influence causing this change. It was a huge reinforcement of the change I was undergoing.

So, I decided something that had such a positive affect in my life needed to be examined. This isn’t about making a name as a “great source for all things Doctor Who,” attending the most conventions, getting the spoilers first or even making sure every tiny special effect or item is covered. This is a personal dissection of a fandom and seeing what others think.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts and hearing yours.