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Weekend Companion: The Man of Action

When you talk about a Doctor Who man of action, you're talking about a younger, physically fit man who can do the fighting in place of the older, comedic or out of shape Doctor.

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Weekend Companion: Bill Potts

Companion’s Name: Bill Potts Traveled with: Twelfth Doctor Seasons: New Who Season 10 Best Known For: The jury is still out on Bill’s greatest legacy, since her role only just wrapped up a few months ago. She’s the first openly lesbian full-time companion (other companions have been gay, bisexual, etc. but not considered by canon to be… Continue reading Weekend Companion: Bill Potts

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Weekend Companion: Mickey Smith

Companion’s Name: Mickey Smith Traveled with: Ninth & Tenth Doctor Seasons: New Who 1-2, Season 4 appearance, The End of Time appearance Best Known For: The cowardly companion who stopped chancing the girlfriend who didn't want him and became the action hero an alternative universe needed. Mickey Smith began as the biggest coward, who had… Continue reading Weekend Companion: Mickey Smith

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Weekend Companion: Alice Obiefune

Companion’s Name: Alice Obiefune Traveled with: Eleventh Doctor& War Doctor Seasons: Titan Comic Series Best Known For: Helping to stop numerous alien incursions, helping the War Doctor in the Last Great Time War, co-parent/raised The Sapling with Eleventh Doctor. An laid off library assistant, with her life in tatters, has a run in with the… Continue reading Weekend Companion: Alice Obiefune

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Weekend Companion: Perpugilliam “Peri” Brown

Companion's Name: Perpugilliam "Peri" Brown Traveled with: Fifth & Sixth Doctor Seasons: 21-23 Best Known For: American, snarky, bickering with the Sixth Doctor, have the craziest ending in all of Doctor Who, only to be only to be immediately retconned, then given a proper ending in Big Finish Perpugilliam Brown is an American college student… Continue reading Weekend Companion: Perpugilliam “Peri” Brown

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Weekend Companion: Martha Jones

Companion's Name: Martha Jones Traveled with: Tenth Doctor Seasons: New Who S3, Special Appearances Season 4, End of Time special Best Known For: Being the "rebound girl" who was unrequited in her love of the Doctor (FYI: This is the most annoying part of Martha's story, she was worth more than this and was responsible… Continue reading Weekend Companion: Martha Jones