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Doctor Who Pinball

This pinball machine can be found at the Asheville Pinball Museum in Asheville, North Carolina. We spent our spring break up in the Appalachian Mountains hiking and looking at waterfalls. However, we also spent every afternoon and evening listening to the kids beg to go to the pinball museum. It was only after they stopped begging and lost all hope of going that we finally took them. This museum usually has a waiting line. For us it was about an hour. We passed the time at a used bookstore across the street. Once inside there was plenty of Star Trek, Game of Thrones, KISS, Star Wars and other pinball machines to enjoy. There were also retro video games in the back, including my favorite, Dragon’s Lair.

Of course, I would spend the majority of my time on the Doctor Who pinball game, wracking up millions of points (because it was a whole lot easier than some other pinball games.) It features the first seven Doctors, their companions along with the Delgado Master. At certain point totals there are mini video games. The bumpers are soft and respond quickly. The ball bounces far on every hit. It feels like a game that was designed with younger, childhood age players in mind, despite the older nostalgia factor.

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