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Season 11 Doctor Who Companions as Pokémon

We’ve wrestled with which Doctor’s are which Pokémon. Now, it’s time to take on the companions. While I have a spot on entry waiting for Adric, I thought I would start with the Season 11 companions.

There was a great debate amongst my children and myself over this one. There were immediate feelings that Growlithe would be perfect for Yaz. However, a certain Doctor fits that Pokemon so well in both the attitude and the hair that it wasn’t going to change. Then what about Ryan? Is there awkward enough Pokémon that is also adventurous and endearing? I could claim there was a debate about Graham, but there wasn’t. This companion’s Pokémon was too obvious and fun to realize. So, let’s get started:


Yaz is a logical, sensible police officer who is always looking to solve the puzzle and keep everyone around her calm. However, do not, for an instant, believe that means she is a pushover who will not protect her pack… I mean her friends, fiercely (Tsuranga Conundrum.) She’ll even give you a warning before she lets loose. That is why Yaz is Mightyena. Her loyalty and desire to protect those she loves is fierce. It could be her family (Arachnids in the UK,) or her new adopted traveling mates (Kerblam!) No matter what, she will stand up and fight for them if you refuse to back down.


Finding a Pokémon as awkward as Ryan was difficult. He can be a nerd. Not in your traditional geeky sense. More just in his compact pockets of knowledge and interactions with others due to his self confidence. There are plenty to choose from. However, Ryan is anything but a clown. He’s kind, compassionate and just like Yaz, loyal. That is why Ryan is a Togakiss. The ability of the Togakiss is Super Luck. While loosing his aunt to a murderous alien is not lucky (The Woman Who Fell To Earth,) everything that has happened to Ryan since fits the bill. Working with Rosa Parks and MLK Jr. (Rosa,)not having his head blown off when he went storming after robot soldiers and his gun ran out of power (Ghost Monument,) plus having King James fall in love (or lust) with him so he can have unprecedented influence to help out his friends (The Witchfinders!) Ryan Sinclair has had some amazing luck while traveling with the Doctor. I’m sure it helps that he’s super adorable and fun, just like the Togakiss.

And last, but not least: Graham/Drampa

Graham is Ryan’s grandpa. He fought hard over the course of the season to earn that title (The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos.) He also spent a large amount of time dishing out wisdom, conviction and doses of reality to traveling mates, those caught in the crosshairs of history and even the occasional villian or two. Plus, let’s not forget when Graham essentially gave himself a lecture about not holding onto things that are not real, while trying to work out what game was being played by a being that would eventually take the form of a frog (It Takes You Away– 2018.) Plus, when Ryan’s dad shows up Graham, hurt as he is by his step-son’s actions, knows how important it is for Ryan (Resolution.) Drampa is a Pokémon that evolves from a rather silly line. Graham has been known to be silly (Tsrunga Conundrum.) However, Drampa loves to communicate, children and is fiercely protective of them. They might as well just rename this Pokémon, “Graham.”

What do you think? Did I miss the mark? What Pokemon do you see these three companions? Leave a comment and let’s get the discussion flowing.

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