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If The Doctor Was A Pokémon…

My family plays just a *little bit of Pokémon Go!

So, today on Twitter I postulated what Pokémon each Doctor would be.


I didn’t go in order when trying to work it out over there. While there were a few likes, no one put forth their own ideas, so I strained for awhile to create a complete list. So, here they are, in regeneration order: Doctors as Pokémon.

First Doctor:


This grass/dark type had a weakness to bugs (The Zarbi ,) flying (The Chase/Space Museum,) fighting (any historical,) ice (Tenth Planet/Marco Polo,) poison, fire (The Romans,) and fairy types (Celestial Toymaker.)

Second Doctor:


This water Pokémon is the “clown”of all Pokémon (no, we are not counting The Mime, we are pretending The Mime doesn’t exist,) much like the Second Doctor. Sweet and disarming, he can be strong in battle, especially when evolved.

Third Doctor:


Pancham exudes an elite self confidence, just like the Third Doctor. There’s also his fluffy white head…

Fourth Doctor:

Sylveon or Umbreon?

No matter what, the Fourth Doctor is an evolution of Eevee. The question is: is he a Sylveon, fun and light with his long scarf; or Umbreon, dark and mysterious?

Fifth Doctor:


Plain, red and beige… our milk toast Dad is this common Pokémon that no one can be without.

Sixth Doctor:


Electric and full of energy, Pikachu and Sixie are both quick to anger and quick to love.

Seventh Doctor:


This magical psychic/fire pair are both alarmingly disarming, and then WOOSH! You’ve been taken in…

Eighth Doctor:


Elegant, powerful and serious… this vengeful Pokemon is the perfect reflection of the warrior who would later have to fight in the Time War.

War Doctor:


Tanks of rock will do what they have to do…

Ninth Doctor:


He is ready for battle, but is just a sad puppy ready to love the first kind heart to come along.

Tenth Doctor:


Besides both having a fiery temper, look at those amazing fuzz tops! Yes, it’s still all about the hair.


Eleventh Doctor:


They both may look silly, but both are very serious about protecting what they care about.

Twelfth Doctor:


Both come off as gruff and grumpy… however above all else they both believe in kindness.

So, what do you think? Did any of these miss the mark? What Pokémon do you think each Doctor reflects the most? Leave a comment.

*an unholy amount

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